Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Welcome Saija-Newbies!

Greetings from Saija’s kennel! We have started our summer holiday after Easter, but were a little bit confused if it really was that far, because we have had much more snow than we usually have this time of year. Since few days we enjoy the sun and the snow is melting away soon. That gives us a good reason to lay in the sun and relax in our cages after the busy winter season 😌 Besides, in last days we have got some new inhabitants in our kennel, which we are really happy about! Let them introduce themselves to you.

Hi, I’m Roosa and 2 years old. I came to Saija from Ivalo, Lapland. You will recognize me for instance in my eyes; I’m having one in light blue and the other one in brown.

Minttu came together with me. She is the youngest of the newbies, only 4 months old and totally white.

Also these cute sisters, Milla and Malla, travelled with us all the way from northern Lapland. They are 8 months old.

Hello, we here in cage are Primo (male) and Muska (female). Asko picked us up in Oulu, around 200 km away from here. We are both 7 months old. 

Hi there! My name is Otto (male). I’m a Siperian husky and it seems, I’m the oldest of the newbies, being 2 years old. I travelled to Saija from West Coast of Finland, from Central Ostrobothnia, Kokkola.

He-hel-hello! I’m a bit shy, but would also like to introduce myself. I’m Urri, 7 months old and a male husky from Salla. I got a really nice surprise when I got here: I met my siblings, Primo and Muska, after a long time. As well as the other inhabitants I’ll take it easy during the summer, to be in good condition when winter arrives. Hope to see you then 😊